Training & Lessons
Jaclyn wasn't born into horses, but a life with
horses was something she always dreamed
about. It wasn't until she was about 14 that
she finally got her first horse Cashmere. She
taught herself to ride and learned what
worked and what didn't the hard way, trial and
error. As she gained experience and moved
We are happy to have
Jaclyn Grieve with us at
Rimoe Ranch.
from Texas to Wisconsin her knowledge of horses kept expanding as she met with other horse owners
and trainers that taught her all sorts of different methods of teaching horses.
She is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin River Falls in the Animal Science program
pursuing a degree in Animal Science Equine Management, Veterinary technician as well as a minor in
Agricultural Business.
In 2010 she participated in the Colts in Training program at the school where she trained her first colt
under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Her task was to train her colt from the ground up and at the
end of the semester the colt was auctioned off. Much to her surprise the buyer of the colt allowed her to
take it home to continue training. Pictured is Jaclyn and her Colt in Training "Juno" by Brennas Golden
Jaclyn specializes in gaming horses, beginner reining skills, de-sensitizing the trail horse, and pleasure
horses. She also starts young colts, and works with horses that have developed problems, such as
dropped shoulders, missing leads, buckers etc...
Jaclyn's goal is to devleop a bond with the horse and create a soft, supple, relaxed horse that enjoys
being with the rider and shows desire to perform what is being asked.

You can contact Jaclyn by calling her at 956-793-1060, email heyyo313@hotmail.com or visiting her